The Corpag Group.

Global Corporate Management & Fiduciary Services Boutique since 1972

About The Corpag Group.

The Corpag Group (“Corpag”) is an independent boutique corporate management, fiduciary and trust company dedicated to providing its clients with personalized, tailor-made solutions. Our aim is not to be too small, but not to grow too big.

Ensuring to remain a flexible, boutique organization with a global reach and responsive, personalized and capable client service, with short communication lines and quick turnaround times. Corpag conducts business in a wide variety of languages, which to date includes English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, German, Bulgarian, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese. Our local offices help us understand the local markets and our clients business better than when only involved from a distance.


Technically competent

Corpag’s staff of (former) attorneys, accountants, and bankers are highly educated on tax, legal, and accounting matters and can usually provide immediate, knowledgeable answers to queries by clients. We ensure that our staff is technically competent in their respective roles. With very few exceptions, employees hold at least a

Master’s degree in their area of specialty andare encouraged to participate in professional organizations such as STEP (Society of Trust Estate Practitioners) and TTN (Transnational Taxation Network). Corpag employees also often act as speakers at international conferences.


Fully management owned

At Corpag services we embody a true “One Firm” approach. All companies are fully owned and there is no competition between the various jurisdictions. Corpag is fully management owned and is not burdened by external shareholders or financing. Corpag is not concerned with being the largest company in our industry. We only expand to better serve our clients and to provide them with a wider range of services and added value. This has led to a long tradition of conservative growth without takeovers and ensuring long-term commitment and stability for the future.

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