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Careers and Training.

All open positions are published though LinkedIn. Nevertheless, The Corpag Group is always open to receive open applications. Whether you are an accountancy, legal, compliance or management professional, The Corpag Group has much to offer.


Our aim is not to be too small, but not to grow too big. This ensures that we remain a flexible, boutique organization with a global reach and responsive, personalized and capable client service, with short communication lines and quick turnaround times. Not being a hierarchical organization, it means we expect a great level of self-motivation and responsibility from all our team members.




Working for The Corpag Group means business travelling could be required and many team members switch long term between different offices on different continents. Contentious training and ongoing education on AML, accountancy, legal and “soft-skills” form part of every job at The Corpag Group.

Do you:


- Have a relevant Masters’ degree;

- Speak multiple languages;

- Have a flexible attitude and great social skills;

- Not have a “9 to 5” working mentality;

- Are able to work independently;

- Have a hands on approach; and

- An international exposure?


If the answer is yes, we would love to hear

from you.


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